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How facials can rejuvenate and relax your skin?

How facials can rejuvenate and relax your skin?

Massage is one among the most popular spa services, and this is because it helps relieve stress and pain. Among the various kinds of massage, however, one of the most popular choices for women is the facial massage. A good quality massage is the best representation of a spa experience as it nourishes both your body and mind without any doubt. If you are in search of the best salon for facial in Begumpet, then Elixir Salon can be your ultimate choice. We have experts who are specialized in facial services and have helped many of our customers to beautify their skin.

Benefits of facial massage:

The advantages of a facial massage fall into 2 categories. They are experienced either through physical relaxation and rejuvenation or mental relief. The concept of using massage for therapeutic purposes is no longer new and can treat a range of conditions such as immobility, muscle pain, stress, etc. The massage on the facial area is unique though as it offers more benefits than a regular massage offers. The ability to relax the facial muscles is the key benefit that facial massage can offer. This kind of massage is usually done with smooth motion around the facial area to offer a complete relaxing experience. The use of gentle massaging action helps to stimulate blood circulation on the skin, which aids to produce that instant relaxing effect.

Best salon for facial services:

Elixir is no doubt the finest salon in Hyderabad for facial services. We are the best parlour for facial in Begumpet because of the range of services that we offer. The products we use in our salon are undeniably the finest and contain minerals and nutrients that help in eliminating wrinkles and provide a youthful experience. If your wedding is near, then you should probably go for our incredible “Gold Glow and Facial Bridal”. We have listed a few packages that are reasonable but will give you a great impact when you are treated with them.

Our Regular Facials:

  • Sandal Facial
  • Fruit Facial
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Shahnaz Gold
  • Shahnaz Patnium/Diamond
  • Pear Facial

Our Advanced facials:

  • Fresh Fruit Facial
  • Wine Facial
  • Green Facial
  • Ozone Therapy Facial


  • O3+ Whitening Facial
  • O3+Glow Facial
  • O3+Seaweed Facial

Also, there are other facials such as Lotus, Vitamin C, etc.


Our proficiency in facial services is outstanding and so we are considered as the best beauty parlour for facial in Begumpet. Get to us and see how we can quickly help to rejuvenate and relax your skin with our range of facials. To book an appointment, give us a call immediately on 040 4026 5599, +91 8985855599.

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