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Get full body waxing services at low cost in Begumpet

Get full body waxing services at low cost in Begumpet

If you are looking for waxing services in Begumpet, Elixir Salon is the right choice. We all know that our bodies are covered with hair that grows in different cycles. There are so many ways to remove the hair from several parts of our body and waxing is one effective way. Waxing is now the most common hair removal procedure among women, from all over the world. But currently, this has also been common among men. The only method now, which can remove hair and show long-term results, is waxing.

We know many waxing procedures. If you are looking for full body waxing deals in Begumpet, then Elixir Salon is where you have to be at. We provide unisex body waxing in Begumpet at the moment at low cost compared to our competitors. We have been the best in business till now and will continue to deliver amazing results to our clients.

Why Elixir Salon for waxing?

At Elixir Unisex Family Salon, our experts provide a range of services which will help you get a smooth and hair free skin. There are a range of treatments and each take different time based on the area that needs to be waxed. Our beauty experts are well trained to help you achieve soothing and radiant skin without any discomfort. So, get your waxing done with us in a cool, comfy, and relaxed environment.

Our Waxing Services:

  • Chin Waxing
  • Neckline
  • Upper Lip
  • Side Locks
  • Full Face
  • Jawline
  • Full Body
  • Under Arms
  • Midriff
  • Blouse line

We have also been the best with men’s waxing in Begumpet now. Waxing isn’t just for women, but also for men! Get in touch with us to know the full body wax price in Begumpet. Elixir Salon is the finest men’s waxing salon in Begumpet that can offer painless waxing at reasonable price compared to others in the market. We also give our customers some precautions such as you should never wax inside the ears, nose, eyelashes, eyelids, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. All these areas are sensitive skin and if you wax in these places, it will severely damage the place.


So, for body waxing for men in Begumpet, always get in touch with the best salon. Only with effective care, waxing procedure can be completed with ease and satisfactorily. So, to book an appointment, give us a call on 040 4026 5599, +91 8985855599.

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